Gifts, trinkets and buddhism

No. 26 of my 100 fav things I love about Cabra.

Every visitor to Cabramatta should pass by this little treasure trove.

There’s something for everyone…

Kids love the multitudes of anime paraphernalia:  stickers, stationary, plush toys etc. A quick survey tells me that the current trend is Dragon Ball Z , Pokemon, Hello kitty and Ben 10.

Buddhists come here for statues, joss (incense) sticks and prayer beads.

Chinese families will undoubtedly do a mandatory shop prior to wedding tea ceremonies and Chinese New Year celebrations. The very superstitious will even purchase funeral joss paper to ensure a prosperous afterlife for loved ones.

The older ladies come here to purchase good luck charms, one for every possible occasion you can think of: the knitted rope charms for cars, turtles for longevity , waving cats for business, a big bok choy for fortune and a buddha statue for fertility . If ever in doubt, just ask the shop owner, a talkative lady who is happy to give you a quick lesson on the do’s and dont’s of gift buying.

However, most come simply for the cute souvenirs (I absolutely love the little miniature food key rings!).

Buddhist statuesCabramattacabramatta heartcabramatta

Mini bowls of noodles on key rings
Owner of the shop serving customers
Many styles of tea cups


collecting cards
collecting cards

anime stickers

Who? Good World Gift Shop

Where? Midway down the left hand side small alleyway at 105-107 John Street (look out for Viet Hoa Bakery which is famous for it’s tireless contribution to the community by providing  24hour service of pork roll…some of the best pork rolls in the Cabra! Flaky light croissant like crusty bread…..I digress!).

Entrance to the 105-107 alleyway. Viet Hoa on your left and sugarcane on your right.
Entrance to the 105-107 alleyway. Viet Hoa on your left and sugarcane on your right.

4 thoughts on “Gifts, trinkets and buddhism

  1. Thank you for yet another wonderful article :)
    On the subject of Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year), do you know if shops/restaurants in Cabra usually close on the first day of the lunar new year (this year it falls on Sunday 10 Feb 2013)? Planning a trip to Cabra with family but just realised the date may present a problem…don’t want them to be disappointed (and hungry!)

    1. Hi Fish4wish,
      Thanks for the compliment!
      Unfortunately most businesses will be closed on 10th February. You may find that the larger yum cha places like Iron chef, the newly renovated (and relocated ) Vinh Phat and the new one on level 1 in Cabramatta International Building (I can’t remember the name….”golden something”…same name as the one in Granville RSL) will be opened. Though best to call beforehand.
      Even so I wouldn’t recommend going as its like a ghost town walking down the street.

      I know my fellow business owners are a superstitious bunch and will close on 10/2/13!

      However on the following weekend (of 16th and 17th feb) the whole town will be celebrating over two days! Everyone will be opened! The council is holding it’s annual lunar new year celebrations 11am-3pm.

      1. Many thanks Anna!

        Looks like we will have to make do with yum cha at Cabra and plan for another trip the week after ;)

        Would you know where Vinh Phat has relocated to? I would call and ask but am worried about my Cantonese prowess…internet searches only show up Park Rd/Hughes St which may be the old address

        Here’s wishing you and your family:
        Chúc Mừng Nm Mới
        Have a yummy, healthy and wealthy year of the Snake ^^

      2. HI Fis4Wish,
        The new location of Vinh Phat is directly across the road from it’s old location (at approx. 2 Hughes st where the old RetraVision was). It’s no longer on ground level, rather it’s on level 1. Look for a stairway.
        This was their old phone number, I’m not sure if it’s changed (02) 9726 2720.
        Good Luck!

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