Take Away for Dinner

No. 20 of my fav things in Cabramatta.

The best meal you have from Cabramatta may not be the food that you consume here, but the food you take home.

Unfortunately, most people are so excited by all the choices, they end up filling up their stomachs before they can even sample a fraction of the food. The biggest mistake (don’t worry if you’ve done this, you’re not the only one!) is having a fruit shakes all to yourself. Fruit shakes are a MUST DO but they are BLOODY HUGE (even the SMALL size =400mL). Without pacing yourself (or sharing everything) you’ll quickly find that you’re already full (Epic appetite FAIL!).

Working here til 5:30PM everyday means that I buy take away A LOT. This post is dedicated to dinner take away, I’ve also got a post on Lunch take away. The difference being that dinner meals require rice (too salty to be eaten on its own) and needs to be served hot. This is not a rule, its just how we do it at my household.

Here are my favourites:

 Bao Forever – good ol’ home style cooking. Often the lovely old ladies can be seen rolling spring rolls on the communal dining tables. I come here for freshly made desserts during the day and home cooked take away in the evening.

I love the Vietnamese sour soup. There’s a choice of fish or prawns. The beef salad is great for lunch and the chicken curry is mild (coconut milk) and generous.

You’ll notice a lot of pork belly and fish dishes. Carmelised is the most common form of preparation, almost all Vietnamese households have a pot at any given time. Followed by stir fries.

Where? Bao Forever, Shop 12b/ 53 Park Rd (Bkk, facing out towards the carpark and pagodas) 02 9723 0998

cabramatta heart
Made fresh on premises by someone’s grandmother


cabramatta svaory

Choose to eat in if you like.
Dipping sauces just waiting for a home
Dessert: black eyed beans and sticky rice
View from outside. Watching her spoon sticky mung bean dessert into a container.

On days I go vegan, I get my take away from An lac Vegetarian Restaurant, who has a bain-marie just by the doorway to make it quick and easy.

Where? 94b John St, 02 9727 5116.

3 thoughts on “Take Away for Dinner

  1. Wow, I just discovered this blog – just want to say great work. Have been deterred by not knowing what was in those take away boxes/bain maires in cabra, I’m going to give them a try next time :)

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