Cassava Desserts

No.18 of my 100 things I love about Cabra.

Fresh cassava desserts are made daily by several well established local vendors.

I’ve listed my favourite 3 here, however there are many more around town and overall the quality you get  is excellent.

cabramatta heart
Kaysone knows how it’s done.

1. Poached Cassava in Syrup (with optional  Coconut cream)

This is SO GOOD. It looks sweeter than it actually is. Don’t let that luscious looking syrup put you off, its actually no sweeter than candied nuts (remember the cassava is bland and the syrup only coats the exterior).

Cassava is quite a dry starchy root vegetable so drenching it in syrup gives it this incredible texture.. like you’re biting into a jelly bean! This dish is the way cassava should be prepared! It preserves the subtle flavour and incredible texture of cassava.

cabramatta heart
Look at the shine. Not pineapple, but cassava.
cabramatta heart
$3.50 for this small tub (3 sizes). This would happily serve 2-3 people.

Where? Kaysone Sweets Freedon Plaza, Shop 4, 59-61 Park Road Ph: 9755 5759

2. Thai steamed Cassava Dessert (Khanom Mun Sam-pa-lang)

This dessert is a variant of the baked one (see below). I much prefer this one as its sooooo soft with a nice bite to it.  For anyone who is a fan of kuih (or kueh) you would love this! The flavour of coconut comes in layers;  first the delicate infusion of the cake, then the robust flavour from the shredded coconut on top.  The makers of this (Pok Sweets) really do it so well. Simple dishes like this are very easy to get wrong, however Pok Sweets manage to get everything right and it’s evident in the cake being moist and clean with no hints of stickiness!

Cabramatta heart kassava
Small tub for $4

cabramatta heart

cabramatta heart
Look at the soft flex. Gelatinous joy!

3. Baked Cassava Squares

If you have a penchant for chewy baked goods then you’ll love this! It’s a heavy cake that can be rubbery al dente. It has a good mellow coconut flavour. I go through phases and for a while I was obsessed with this version.

Cabramatta heart
Golden skin = Baked to perfection!

This piece cost $4 and serves 2.

Cabramatta heart
Dense cake.

Where? Both are from Pok Sweets (Specialising in Thai Sweets & Desserts). Bkk International Food Court, B9/53 Park Rd. Ph: 9755 9906.

cabramatta heart
Pok Sweets (Specialising in Thai Sweets & Desserts). This very small storefront inside BKK is easy to miss. Look for the florist and it’s right opposite.

Kaysone Sweets on Urbanspoon

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