House Temples

No. 19 of my top 100 fav things in Cabramatta

“House temples” a phrase that I have coined to describe these numerous temples that have popped up in the residential parts of Cabramatta. At first you do a double take, then you ask youself “Is that a typical 1960’s red brick house with a big white Buddhist statue in the front yard?”. Answer : “Yes it is!”.

It seems that once you’ve noticed one, you can’t help but notice them everywhere. Driving along the streets it’s literally: house, house, temple, house, phone booth, house etc.

Often the main structure of the house is maintained but the gardens are transformed into colourful scenes. I almost expect to see a Buddhist monk wandering about but have yet to see one….a little disappointed actually…

I’m aware that these ‘house temples’ may not officially be listed with the council (yes I’ve tried finding them on the council data), so to avoid revealing their location I’ve withheld addresses on my photos.  To be honest this is only a handful (5 featured here). So far I’ve counted 12 (on main roads) but I know there are many more on smaller streets…I would guestimate about 20. This exercise reminds me of temple spotting Kyoto without a map.

I can’t say that I’ve seen such a thing in any other suburb, so I’d have to say that this one of my TOP favourite thing about Cabramatta.

Note: There is very little English within the temples, so I’m not sure how they would feel about visitors…..or my post for that matter!!

Where? Somewhere in Cabramatta

I heart cabramatta
Typical 60km/hr street in suburbia…except that temple on the right.
heart cabramatta
….was a driveway…now a temple entrance

heart cabramattaheart cabramatta

heart cabramattaheart cabramatta

heart cabramatta
lovely lawn
heart cabramatta
house temple with house wheelie bin

heart cabramattaheart cabramattaheart cabramatta

heart cabramatta

heart cabramatta

heart cabramatta
Glass cabinet to protect these beautiful statues against the elements.
heart cabramatta
Telltale signs of a temple, just look for the flags.

4 thoughts on “House Temples

  1. urrrgggg NO!!! Try living next to one and you wouldn’t have the same admiration! We have been living at our home for nearly 10 years now. The neighbouring house was purchased by a monk just under 5 months ago. He at first came across as very nice, he said he was a student of Buddhism, he wasn’t opening a temple, it would just be him praying.

    Then he told us, as tradition there would be a few days of prayer as a ‘house warming’ when he moves in. We bit the bullet and tried to ignore the constant annoying chanting and banging of gongs and bells. What was said to be a few days, was actually a few days over a few weeks. Then came Chinese New Year, and yes we understand during Chinese New Year, it is reasonable for them to be chanting and celebrating, even having people over etc.

    They display a discreet yet clear sign that stating this is XX Temple. We are not trouble makers, we tried to just move to the front of the house when their chanting made staying in the back simply just too noisy and annoying. Not only are they at their chanting every evening, the worst is Sunday Morning!

    Now they have excavation and building works (Expansion?) going on along side the constant chanting and praying. So Enough is Enough!

    Rang Council to tell them our predicament, they have no approval to be using the land as a temple, and I just want them to shut up!

    I don’t believe these monks or anyone has any right to just establish a temple as they please, especially in residential areas! It is inconsiderate and against their own morals. Our neighbours, MONKS, lied when they first moved in, and we’ve just about had enough!

    Lets see whether Council is actually going to do anything about it!?

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