Bun Bo Hue

cabramatta dong ba beef noodles spicy
Distinctively red

No. 16 of my 100 things in Cabramatta

Bun Bo Hue “Spicy beef noodle soup” is only second to pho!  The literal translation is “Bun” = vermicelli,  “Bo” = beef,  “Hue” ( a city in mid Vietnam, which was once the imperial capital).

You may often see restuarants ‘specialising in Pho’ but have you ever noticed one dedicated to Bun Bo hue instead? Gia Hoi and Dong Ba are two that come to mind. Be aware, there are 3 Dong Ba’s in Cabramatta. yes i know, its crazy.

This dish is flavoured with lots of fragrant fried lemongrass, anchovy, beef broth and pork trotters. A spicy (supposedly, though most restaurants stay on the safe side of mild) soup with soft chewy white vermicelli (this particular vermicelli resembles thick spaghetti). Despite it’s venomous appearance, its rather light.

cabramatta spicy noodle beef
Yet another variety of rice noodles. Bun Bo Hue is ONLY served with this type.

One special ingredient of bun bo hue is the use of banana blossom strips. It may not be easily recognised in its stripped and curled up formed, but it looks like purple/brown and white slithers of  fibrous vegetable. Like many of our amazing produce, I am so grateful to have this ingredient available to us in Australia (only recently). When it’s not in season, purple cabbage is used instead.

This is a good dish to introduce yourself to blood jelly ( see dark gelatinous cube).

I love the use of tender beef shin and vietnamese meatloaf. Typically meats are dipped in a homemade sate.

Where? 6/40 Park Rd (actually on Hughes St) is the best! (there are two other stores on John St which were opened two years ago). Cost? $9

Party for the eyes and party for the mouth.

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