No. 15 of my 100 fav things in Cabra

Big POW POW?? That’s what I heard a cute 2 year old toddler call the Big BUN BAO!! All jokes aside (should never laugh at a child’s poor speech development), big pow pow is not far from the truth.

Here I emphasise ‘BIG’ to differentiate every other steamed bun that you’ve ever come across in your life. For under $3.00 you could get a steam bun the size of YOUR FACE! ….that is, if your head was the size of pug. LOL (note to me: never mention dogs and food in the same sentence).

I’m a fan of all steamed buns: sweet (red bean/lotus paste/custard I don’t discriminate), BBQ pork, crispy duck…you pick the filling just wrap it with dough, steam it up and its instantly edible!steam bun chinese cabramatta

The mince used is similar to that used in Pate Chaud.  Packed in tight. No gravy (gravy is for wusses).

The dough is thick, yet fluffy and soft. The fillings are….are…CHUNKY!!

Lean pork.

Whole shitake mushroom.

Half a boiled egg.

A chunk of chinese sausage (‘lap cheong’ similar to a spicy chorizo seasoned with five spices).

Chunks of onion.

This is the ultimate comfort food.  Even big eaters would smile in satisfaction with a good wholesome Big bun bao.

cabramatta steamed bun

Admittedly pork buns can be found in many countries Japan, Taiwan etc. Steam buns to asians are like pies are to the western world.

You can find bun bao’s at most good bakeries in Cabra (in the steamer). Sometimes known as combination bun, as you can also get plain chicken and BBQ pork buns. Note: Please remove paper form the bottom before consuming!

Where? I get mine from A&A Cakes (shop 16/101-103 John Street). Watch out as numbers are limited, buns sell out daily. Best to nab them before 3pm.

Price? $3.00 for Big ones. Less for other flavours (smaller) ones.

cabramatta sign

cabramatta steam bun
Buns at AA Cakes. Just point and someone will help you. Refrain from helping yourself.

2 thoughts on “Big POW POW

    1. I’m afraid they don’t. They do have steamed buns with red bean paste, mung bean or durian paste! Oh and plain ones.
      I get vegetarian baked goods from “A1 bakery”, 195 railway parade. P: 9728 7796. EVERYTHING there is vegetarian! It’s real cute because they even do veg sausages and ham in buns!

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