Best Pork Roll

I know you’ve been waiting for this one. In this post I will reveal to you, a secret that only the locals know about, yes it is the location of the BEST PORK ROLL! (or ‘BANH MI THIT!’ in Vietnamese)

What makes this one the best?

The bread! The  crust is SO BLARDY CRUNCHY that one could temporary lose their sense of hearing! Imagine a tiger roll crust but times 10. I’ve been known to have jaw aches after eating a pork roll. The hazards of this job are perilous.

The bread is so good that it commands THREE times the price of an equal bread roll at any other bread shop (eg Viet Hoa charges $0.25 a roll, this bread roll is 3 for $2). For Cabramatta, such a price difference ordinarily would be suicide but even locals see the value in the price. Of course price is no barrier for die-hard pork roll lovers here, because at any given time there is always a crowd. People FLOCK to this tiny 3 metre alcove in the wall.

Don’t be deterred by the crowds, with 4 ladies on hand there never more than 5 minutes wait. It’s actually quite entertaining to see how fast they work.

Sometimes even after a meal I’ll crave the bread. I’ll get a roll with nothing but creamy homemade mayo or pâté…forfeiting the fillings just $2.00.

Oh the fillings! One of the distinguishing features is the addition of a pickled radish. It’s standard to have pickled grated carrots, but a thickly cut pickled radish is adds juicy crunch.

A telltale sign of a fresh pork roll is the texture
Delicious pork roll!

Apart from the pork roll, their chicken roll is AMAZING!!!! They will take a whole soy chicken maryland and shred off the meat in front of you. Then, to that they add the lovely pickles and fresh vegies. SO fresh!

I could go on and on about it all day but best to let it speak for itself…here are the deets:

Cost? $3.80 for pork roll.  $4.00 for chicken roll. Plain bread rolls are $2 for 3 (or $0.80 each)

Where? KK Bakery (Vietnamese name: Tien Minh) Bread shop is hidden away in a small alley way off John street. Look for the zebra crossing that heralds the alley way’s entrance. 2/85 John St.

Be sure to bring a map when locating this one, because nothing hurts more than failing to find the KING OF ALL PORK ROLLS!

2 thoughts on “Best Pork Roll

    1. ^ That’s disgusting.

      I must say, after checking out KK on the weekend I’m giving this place the gold star as the favourite pork roll joint in town. Mmm that extra dollop of mayo in the middle…

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