Pâté Chaud

No. 9 of 100 favourite things about Cabramatta

What am I?

I sound french, but you wouldn’t find me in Paris. Instead I was born in Vietnam. No wonder I’ve got an identity crisis!

I am a pâté chaud (phonetically spelt “pâ-té so”)

This is a french inspired savoury pastry originating from Vietnam, thus the name.

A  pâté chaud is fundamentally a parcel of (pork) meat covered in puff pastry. This may sound simple, though just like meat pies, you’ll find that there is a huge variation in quality. Pictured below are two of my favourite ones in Cabramatta.

A good pâté chaud has puff pastry that is golden and flaky. The pastry so crisp it falls apart when bitten. The filling consists of minced pork, pork liver pâté, onion and coarsely cracked pepper. The use of pâté is quite minor. It gives it a beautiful country homecooking aroma, but no real detectable taste.

The aroma of a freshly baked pâté chaud is so wonderful. Though a true rarity to find one fresh from the oven, more often than not you will find one in the hot bain marie. I wouldn’t buy one that’s cold.

Prices varying from $1.50 to $2.00.

The two best pâté chaud’s in Cabra:

The first is truly a naughty treat. I get it from A& A Cakes and always piping hot. The pastry is so delicate and flaky that it’s a crime to even place it in a paper bag (in case it may inadvertently be bruised). The filling is rather loose (please see pics). All this greatness comes from one vital ingredient ….yes I am alluding to the butter content! “Guilty” is word that comes to mind. $2.00 each.

The naughty one is filled with chunky onions.
Just look at that pastry! It was such a crime to cut through it, much better to use your teeth.
The second one is not so rich. Let’s call this one the ‘regular’ one (or you could call it the ‘lite’ one, depending on where you stand). Pastry is more robust and meat is much more compact. No visible onions. The meat only takes up the centre 50% and so with your initial bite, you will not scream ‘eureka!’.
My regular pate chaud. Just $1.80 from Vinata's.
Mince is very centralised, leaving the outer 50% just pastry.
Where? “naughty” ones from A&A Cakes 16/101-103 John St & “regular” ones from Vinata’s Bread Shop Hughes St
I can’t help myself, I must share this atrocity with you. Whilst I was researching the net for the correct spelling (of pâté chaud) I came across multiple recipes involving black fungus and NO pork liver pâté!! Yikes!! Can you imagine all these poor unsuspecting people being duped into making a giant wonton?!?!

8 thoughts on “Pâté Chaud

    1. Hi PC!
      Yes my favourite durian cake shop is Tim Tim. Its hidden down an alley way along the west side of John Street.
      Shp 16/ 105 John St
      Cabramatta NSW 2166
      (02) 9725 7988

      These cakes all have super soft sponge cake, freshly whipped cream and fresh sesaonal fruit on top. Their style is VERY distinct. You can choose your LEVEL of durian (a little or a lot) and prices adjust accordingly. I always get one for my mum’s birthday with SUPER amounts of durian!!

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